taking care of houseplants in important

Why Every Home Should Incorporate Houseplants

You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep a few houseplants around the home. Trust me; I’m far from it. Houseplants like Aloe Vera, Boston fern and Evergreen naturally clean the air in any home. That’s cool, right?

Even the smallest apartments can house a few little maintenance, purifying plants. Most of these plants, like Bamboo Palm and Mass cane, need only a minimal amount of sunlight, so no worries if your windows don’t always let the sunshine in.

What are houseplants?

Plants that can survive potted and indoors with little light are Spider plants, English Ivy, and Peace Lily’s, to name a few.
The majority of these species are hard to kill with ample water and pose a huge benefit to your home.

Advantages of keeping houseplants

example of a plant for your homePlants have a positive effect on your health

Homes that keep houseplants have reported its residents to be 34% less likely to experience respiratory problems are 52% less likely to suffer from eye irritation, and 24% reported fewer headaches while at home.

How do these plants purify the air?

Plants are capable of absorbing pollutant gases through it’s’ leaves and roots, leaving your home’s air cleaner and crisper. It is through a process called phytoremediation, which means any plant can complete the process to absorb any toxins in the air, water, or soil.

Where do you keep a houseplant?

There are plenty of places to hang a plant, rest a potting stand, or hang a potting box. Get creative. Use your kitchen cabinet tops to house your ivy. Utilize your windowsills for pots and purchase hooks to hang planters.

But I’m GOING to Kill It…

No, you’re not. There are plenty of ways to remember to water your houseplants to be sure they can filter the air in your expensive home. There are products at every gardening center to combat the forgetting of plant watering.

Give Your Home a Little Green touch

Bringing in a few indoor plants will not only improve air quality, but the color green also promotes a happy, positive vibe.

Jose Carter