Real Estate : More on the relation buyer agent

For many of us, in these years the profession changed in a radical way; not only it has changed the way we work, but even the way of seeing the business of real estate agent.

Moreover, it is not only the crisis; the impact of the development of new information technologies has profoundly transformed our industry, at all levels, and will continue to do so regardless of the evolution of the local markets.

There are many professions that have disappeared. We have seen how people no longer need a professional to take money out of the Bank, to get a plane ticket or tickets for a film, to buy as many goods and services.

We survive and even enjoy good health because we have discovered that a good service depends on our ability to advise a client who has placed their trust in us.

agents need to create trust

Trust of agents

Gaining the trust: this is our challenge and representing a fundamental shift in the way we work, from our marketing, prior to the point of customer contact.

Work on exclusiveness: can no longer be one of the many channels that bombard consumers with information. We have to see ourselves as the exclusive and personal adviser who will make a series of precious things that only we can do for someone who promises us his faithfulness…

We must ensure that they also see us in that way.

Be agents representatives: already not are mediating between buyer and seller, balancing the interests of both parties. Real estate agent has to be clear about who your customer is and who is just a consumer. Already do not sell; Now we advise potential buyers with the aim of achieving that our client obtains the best performance of a process of buying or selling without surprises or shocks, free of mistrust.

Cooperating: home sellers shall have an agent who markets their property, but the buyers will also have their agent to defend their interests, watching the market and properties with eyes who is going to buy, without “squint” or claim to an impossible impartiality.

Cooperation between agents, always equipped with the most advanced means of communication and information sharing, are the logical and necessary consequence of all the above points.

More than exclusive services

house got just soldExclusiveness seems to be the cornerstone, although it is not but one more piece of this puzzle of representation work, based on the trust in the relationship and cooperation between professionals.

Exclusively for the buyer, that today it is subject to a bombardment of confusing and contradictory information about prices and features. The professional can and must overcome the role of seller, and become the advisory expert who will help you decide on the type of property you are more interested in.

The most appropriate situation and the price that they can afford, with the adequate funding for it. The buyer’s agent can find the most suitable properties and filter them to facilitate the buying decision. What is worth knowing and what not, can accompany you and help you make a decision, make an offer and negotiate on your behalf, help you throughout the process of obtaining funding.

These things are not what home buyers are expecting of us. The consumer perceives us as sellers, which is natural. Moreover, you often find buyers who ask for our help, even to help them buy something they found themselves with their means. Also, we often fail because we do not have the techniques, knowledge, services, or legal certainty needed to give them an excellent service.

Jose Carter