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How to Hire Audio Visual Equipment

Do you want to hire home Audio Visual (AV) equipment?

Many companies offer AV equipment hire services. You should consider many factors when deciding to hire this equipment, particularly when it’s about the disc jockey (DJ) and lighting systems. You should also find out the number of home audio and visual inputs and outputs that you need.

Types of Home AV Equipment That You Should Hire Are:

Microphones and Speakers

get the sono you deserve

Get the sono you deserve

You should find out how many microphones and speakers you need for your house event. That will depend on the number of guests that you plan to host. One way to find best speakers is to find reputable audio visual hire companies.

They will advise you on the best sound systems that suit your needs. They also have technical knowledge about speakers and lighting control. That helps you avoid coming into conflicts with your neighbours about loud noise.


Projectors enable you to show large images of videos at your home event. Many AV system companies have a wide variety of projectors that suit your budget and needs. They include desktop Liquid Crystal Display LCD, Digital Light Processing DLP, and High Definition HD projectors.

You should ask for a professional from these hire companies to assist you in installing these projectors. That will avoid scenarios such as your projectors failing to function when you are in the middle of your event.

Lighting Systems

You should look for companies that offer quality lighting systems. That’s because most home parties are held at night when people are free from daily routines.

Quality lighting enables you to stage an event where guest can enjoy taking photos.

These companies should also offer backup plans in the case of power blackouts. That ensures that your event goes on smoothly.

What to Look For When Hiring Audio Visual Equipment

• You should ask about the hiring charges of this equipment. That’s because some companies charge you on an hourly basis while others base their fees on days. You should also ask about written contracts as some of this equipment cost a lot of money to purchase. That’s because of their many components.

• You should also ask for a professional to help you in the installation of AV equipment. That’s because these systems have many parts. That can make you spend a lot of time installing them.

• Another point to consider is your number of guests, DJs and the space that you are setting your event. That helps in planning your budget.

Many guests will need many speakers to keep them entertained. Depending on the number of DJs, you may find that you need several microphones to keep your event coordinated.

• You should also be present during the installation of this AV equipment. That helps you to avoid last minute changes due to setup locations that may not impress you. That’s in the case of speakers and projector locations.

• You should test your home audio visual equipment after the installations. For example, you should check if the microphones are working, try some slides on the projectors and also if the lighting system covers all areas that need lighting.


AV hire Perth enable you to spend more time on other pressing needs. These companies also employ professional technicians who are knowledgeable about AV equipment.

Using the above guide, you should contact these companies if you have an upcoming home event.

Gladys Ridley