Home Care and Cleaning: Top tips and tricks to save time

If the household chores can not be avoided on a weekly basis, they can for sure be alleviated or made more efficient. Check out a list of selected tips for you. Ecological and economical, they will allow you to take care of your home and to maintain it while saving time.

On the walls and chimney

We talked about it last month, the traces of mold on the walls, especially in the bathroom, are recurring. To eliminate them, you can spray bleach on stains. They will dry, and it will be easier to remove them.

The insert glass blackens very quickly. To get rid of this soot you can rub the glass with clay stone. If you do not have one, we recommend using a dry cloth sprinkled with cold ash.

In the kitchen

cleaning taps and showersTo deodorize your refrigerator, take a bowl of milk flavored with herbs from Provence. Leave the bowl overnight, and the next day the odors will be gone.

Does your sink gets clogged regularly? Throw coffee grounds in your sink. Its abrasive properties will prevent your pipes from clogging.

If you’re tired of spending too much time cleaning sauces on your plastic boxes, spray them with a non-stick food spray, usually used to prevent cakes from sticking to the molds.
The coloring of the sauce will then not stick to the plastic.

On the soil

vacuuming the wooden boardsCarpet remains one of the most difficult to clean. But to get rid of a stain, use white vinegar that you mix beforehand with a little water. Rub the stain and wipe with a dry cloth. That’s it!

When you have soles marks on your vinyl floors, it is often complicated to get rid of them. But do not panic, take a simple schoolboy gum and say goodbye to these spots.

Do not hesitate to consult our special article on the maintenance of the floors of your home in which you will find other tricks.

What about furniture

A spot of candle wax soon arrived. It is often difficult to clean it without damaging its furniture. To do this safely, you need only a sheet of Sopalin paper and a hair dryer. Place the paper towel on the stain and light the hair dryer towards the wax. By liquefying, it will stick to absorbent paper.

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Jose Carter