An Insight into Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is now popular as a residential wood flooring selection and remains a wonderful flooring option. Let us look at either side of bamboo flooring:

A greener alternative to conventional timber flooring

Bamboo is rapidly renewable whereas Oak can take as much as a century to develop.
Nevertheless, there are various views about how green, sustainable, and “friendly” bamboo is.

a-wooden-floor-star-caseDue to its durability, and naturally fantastic appearances, bamboo is growing rather popular as a building material among homeowners. Bamboo is equally as trustworthy as other conventional hardwood materials including Jarrah, Marri and Blackbutt.

Also, bamboo makes an excellent renewable and sustainable resource. As compared to other common trees, which might take decades to grow, bamboo plants hit at adulthood in only 4-8 years.
Thus, it makes an excellent selection for environmentally aware individuals and minimises the negative environmental impacts of greenhouse gases and global warming. Also, 40-45% more oxygen is generated by bamboo than similar-sized hardwood forests.

In Australia, use of bamboo in the flooring industry is an emerging trend and an increasing number of homeowners are installing the bamboo flooring in their houses that are new or replacing the old flooring with the bamboo flooring in their homes that are existing.

The great thing about bamboo flooring is its flexibility to install over various surfaces including radiant heating, wooden subfloor or concrete subfloor. Also, bamboo flooring can be installed by you onto subfloor by using an underlay, using different approaches including Direct stick, Plank on ply, Floating floor technique or using an Acoubond system.

Determined by kind and the state of your subfloor, a budget which you have for your flooring pros and cons and a job that each process of setup offers, you can establish the best procedure of installation of the bamboo flooring onto your subfloor.

DIY renovators frequently choose click lock bamboo flooring because it requires no glue or nails. For the same reason, it’s more economical to have installed than tongue and groove flooring, which must be pasted to the existing floor. Little or no surface preparation is desired, but additional fees will apply if it is.

Bamboo Flooring Installation

Price can change, determined by the adhesive and the quality of flooring material. The kind of underlay you select will be a major cost factor if you choose a click lock system. One thing you will not have to pay for if you pick bamboo is the price of polishing and sanding the floor after setup. Unlike conventional lumber flooring, bamboo flooring comes pre-stained and pre-ended.

Different installation techniques exist like Board On Ply, Floating Floors, Acoubond System…

Most providers will give reductions for big works, thus make sure you ask about it when you get your estimates.

Flooring Installation

Here are several reasons why bamboo can become your selection of flooring:


Its durability: Bamboo flooring is a highly durable flooring selection for any place subjected to considerable use and can stand very well up to the abrasion from kids and pets. It’s tough to withstand the impact of falling things in high traffic areas including the living rooms and halls in addition to in the kitchen.

Environment-friendly: Bamboo flooring is among the most environmentally friendly wood flooring choices because it is made from an incredibly sustainable source. It’s truly a grass that regrows after it picked and is rigorously monitored. Bamboo doesn’t need any substances for its cleaning and care.

Colour ranges: Bamboo flooring can be found in two colours. One is an all-natural blonde colour that reveals the unusual development patterns that fit every decor. The another colour is a rich amber colour, a beautiful darker colour reached by a boiling procedure that carbonises the starches found in the bamboo. It’s so called carbonised bamboo.
Bamboo flooring is one of the hottest flooring choices to appear in the marketplace in the recent years.

Those is widely favoured by many and tremendously appreciate it. Bamboo flooring provides a unique fashion to your house or office with a fantastic look all its own.

Alternative eco friendly wood flooring options

Alternative eco friendly wood flooring options

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