Home Care and Cleaning: Top tips and tricks to save time

If the household chores can not be avoided on a weekly basis, they can for sure be alleviated or made more efficient. Check out a list of selected tips for you. Ecological and economical, they will allow you to take care of your home and to maintain it while saving time.

On the walls and chimney

We talked about it last month, the traces of mold on the walls, especially in the bathroom, are recurring. To eliminate them, you can spray bleach on stains. They will dry, and it will be easier to remove them.

The insert glass blackens very quickly. To get rid of this soot you can rub the glass with clay stone. If you do not have one, we recommend using a dry cloth sprinkled with cold ash.

In the kitchen

cleaning taps and showersTo deodorize your refrigerator, take a bowl of milk flavored with herbs from Provence. Leave the bowl overnight, and the next day the odors will be gone.

Does your sink gets clogged regularly? Throw coffee grounds in your sink. Its abrasive properties will prevent your pipes from clogging.

If you’re tired of spending too much time cleaning sauces on your plastic boxes, spray them with a non-stick food spray, usually used to prevent cakes from sticking to the molds.
The coloring of the sauce will then not stick to the plastic.

On the soil

vacuuming the wooden boardsCarpet remains one of the most difficult to clean. But to get rid of a stain, use white vinegar that you mix beforehand with a little water. Rub the stain and wipe with a dry cloth. That’s it!

When you have soles marks on your vinyl floors, it is often complicated to get rid of them. But do not panic, take a simple schoolboy gum and say goodbye to these spots.

Do not hesitate to consult our special article on the maintenance of the floors of your home in which you will find other tricks.

What about furniture

A spot of candle wax soon arrived. It is often difficult to clean it without damaging its furniture. To do this safely, you need only a sheet of Sopalin paper and a hair dryer. Place the paper towel on the stain and light the hair dryer towards the wax. By liquefying, it will stick to absorbent paper.

Here is an introduction to various home cleaning methods or this page Facebook!

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taking care of houseplants in important

Why Every Home Should Incorporate Houseplants

You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep a few houseplants around the home. Trust me; I’m far from it. Houseplants like Aloe Vera, Boston fern and Evergreen naturally clean the air in any home. That’s cool, right?

Even the smallest apartments can house a few little maintenance, purifying plants. Most of these plants, like Bamboo Palm and Mass cane, need only a minimal amount of sunlight, so no worries if your windows don’t always let the sunshine in.

What are houseplants?

Plants that can survive potted and indoors with little light are Spider plants, English Ivy, and Peace Lily’s, to name a few.
The majority of these species are hard to kill with ample water and pose a huge benefit to your home.

Advantages of keeping houseplants

example of a plant for your homePlants have a positive effect on your health

Homes that keep houseplants have reported its residents to be 34% less likely to experience respiratory problems are 52% less likely to suffer from eye irritation, and 24% reported fewer headaches while at home.

How do these plants purify the air?

Plants are capable of absorbing pollutant gases through it’s’ leaves and roots, leaving your home’s air cleaner and crisper. It is through a process called phytoremediation, which means any plant can complete the process to absorb any toxins in the air, water, or soil.

Where do you keep a houseplant?

There are plenty of places to hang a plant, rest a potting stand, or hang a potting box. Get creative. Use your kitchen cabinet tops to house your ivy. Utilize your windowsills for pots and purchase hooks to hang planters.

But I’m GOING to Kill It…

No, you’re not. There are plenty of ways to remember to water your houseplants to be sure they can filter the air in your expensive home. There are products at every gardening center to combat the forgetting of plant watering.

Give Your Home a Little Green touch

Bringing in a few indoor plants will not only improve air quality, but the color green also promotes a happy, positive vibe.

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data transfer made possible

Major factors to consider when choosing a data cabling company

Technology has simplified business process and at the same time turned it into a highly competitive battleground. Firms that adopt the best of technology often draw huge dividends while those lagging behind are thrown out of competition.

One of the best methods to stay competitive is to embrace the latest telephone and networking solutions. Structured data cabling streamlines all the systems and platforms and brings them under one wired infrastructure.
You want to employ the right professionals, and there are a few important points that you need to keeping in mind while hiring a firm for data cabling:

• Network Needs

contractor fixing cables and networkBefore you choose a data cabling firm, you would need to assess the networking needs of your business. Consider the kind of cabling you are looking for so as to achieve good communications. Some cables are common in many companies due to their excellent speed of communication.

Could be that you also require business telephone systems along with cabling. You need to have a clear picture in your mind about your needs as this will allow you to choose a firm that caters to all your needs. Insist on hiring the services of a company that offers you all kind of communication and networking solutions.

• Technical Skills

Structured cabling is a highly skill driven job and often tests the skills of the people engage in them. You should always stress on the professional qualification and expertise of the people working on your project.

The experts in the team you have hired need to be aware of the latest technological developments in the industry and work according to the standard parameters. You must discuss the scope of the cabling project and seek their suggestions in making it better. They would need to understand the needs of your business and offer you the best possible solutions as per your needs.

• Pricing

Like always, this is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. Along with quality solutions, you also need to get good value for money.
Always insist on a detailed quote from different firms asking them for a breakdown of expenditure. If you have a few quotes on hand, you would be able to make a price comparison between the various services providers. However, don’t fall for extremely low quotes as these might lead you to unprofessional service providers.

• Service

The firm that you are hiring for the project should ensure prompt service and maintenance. Disruption in the network can result in a huge loss to your business both in financial terms as well as to the brand value. If you want to prevent disruption, there should be periodic network maintenance. They should also respond to your requests within a short span of time.

plugging the right cables

• Customer reviews

This is usually one of the most important factors that you will need to consider when hiring a company to deal with your cabling issues. You need to go online and look at reviews from various clients concerning the company that you have already decided will take care of you data cabling. Do not get tired of looking at multiple reviews for different companies as this will help you to to get to the best company from the list you have.

• Warranty and extra services

When dealing with various companies, you will encounter different methods employed by the companies when offering services to their clients. As such, you will want to go for the companies that provide excellent packages like warranties for the services they offer, as well as extra services which will not be part of the primary service being provided. It will increase loyalty as well as your trust to the company.

Finally, there are many factors that you will need to consider when making up your mind on choosing a data cabling company to deal with you data cabling needs if you want to achieve the best results for your business.

Make sure that you make the internet your best friend if you want to get the best company that will respond well to your needs as well as offer you quality services. You might as well consider reviews from your friends or any other person close to you regarding a company they know of. Contact andrew home services today to get started with your cabling job in Perth WA !

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Real Estate : More on the relation buyer agent

For many of us, in these years the profession changed in a radical way; not only it has changed the way we work, but even the way of seeing the business of real estate agent.

Moreover, it is not only the crisis; the impact of the development of new information technologies has profoundly transformed our industry, at all levels, and will continue to do so regardless of the evolution of the local markets.

There are many professions that have disappeared. We have seen how people no longer need a professional to take money out of the Bank, to get a plane ticket or tickets for a film, to buy as many goods and services.

We survive and even enjoy good health because we have discovered that a good service depends on our ability to advise a client who has placed their trust in us.

agents need to create trust

Trust of agents

Gaining the trust: this is our challenge and representing a fundamental shift in the way we work, from our marketing, prior to the point of customer contact.

Work on exclusiveness: can no longer be one of the many channels that bombard consumers with information. We have to see ourselves as the exclusive and personal adviser who will make a series of precious things that only we can do for someone who promises us his faithfulness…

We must ensure that they also see us in that way.

Be agents representatives: already not are mediating between buyer and seller, balancing the interests of both parties. Real estate agent has to be clear about who your customer is and who is just a consumer. Already do not sell; Now we advise potential buyers with the aim of achieving that our client obtains the best performance of a process of buying or selling without surprises or shocks, free of mistrust.

Cooperating: home sellers shall have an agent who markets their property, but the buyers will also have their agent to defend their interests, watching the market and properties with eyes who is going to buy, without “squint” or claim to an impossible impartiality.

Cooperation between agents, always equipped with the most advanced means of communication and information sharing, are the logical and necessary consequence of all the above points.

More than exclusive services

house got just soldExclusiveness seems to be the cornerstone, although it is not but one more piece of this puzzle of representation work, based on the trust in the relationship and cooperation between professionals.

Exclusively for the buyer, that today it is subject to a bombardment of confusing and contradictory information about prices and features. The professional can and must overcome the role of seller, and become the advisory expert who will help you decide on the type of property you are more interested in.

The most appropriate situation and the price that they can afford, with the adequate funding for it. The buyer’s agent can find the most suitable properties and filter them to facilitate the buying decision. What is worth knowing and what not, can accompany you and help you make a decision, make an offer and negotiate on your behalf, help you throughout the process of obtaining funding.

These things are not what home buyers are expecting of us. The consumer perceives us as sellers, which is natural. Moreover, you often find buyers who ask for our help, even to help them buy something they found themselves with their means. Also, we often fail because we do not have the techniques, knowledge, services, or legal certainty needed to give them an excellent service.

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Split System Air Conditioner Systems Explained

A split system air conditioner is an AC system made up of outdoor and indoor units that work collectively. The air conditioner and the furnace create efficient temperature control. The system removes it to the outside, making a cool atmosphere in its area and takes the hot air inside the house. Electricity powers this ac system.

The system usually contains a compressor, fan, condenser coil, evaporator coil and refrigerant. The evaporator coils are independently controlled, enabling each room to be placed by the homeowners to a temperature that was different. Both evaporator and condenser coils are linked to the refrigerant lines.

ac-installers-at-homeBesides controlling central air circulation, a split system air conditioner controls wetness, temperature, humidity, and cleanliness. The apparatus removes as much moisture from the atmosphere as potential, to be able to regulate a steady temperature. Efficient AC systems lead to a cleaner home environment by enabling the occupants to keep doors and windows shut, forcing pollen, bugs, and other outdoor irritations to remain outside.

This kind of system’s efficiency is quantified by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The SEER averages a system’s efficacy over the course of one year, and it’s quantified by multiplying 10,200 by the cooling effect by melt one short tonne of ice in 24 hours, or a number of short tonnes.

In 2006, a SEER value of 13 was embraced as the base efficacy amount for a split system air conditioner effectiveness of the government. Many homeowners pick systems with higher SEER values, yet, due to the high price of energy. Selecting an air conditioner with a higher SEER produces lower monthly statements, as well as a more quiet system and more extensive moisture removal.

Usually, split systems are additionally ductless, meaning ductwork is not used by them to pump the air in and cool the house. The homeowners are not large, simple to install and exceptionally energy efficient. A ductless air conditioner runs quite gently, for removing moisture and it’s noticed.


The primary advantages of the miniature schisms heating system and individual cooling rooms or are their small size and flexibility for zoning. Many (for rooms or four zones) was linked to one outdoor unit. The amount depends upon how much heat or cooling system is needed for the building or each zone (which in turn is influenced by the building is insulated). Each of the zones is going to have its thermostat, so you just have to condition that space when it’s inhabited, preserving cash and energy.


Miniature splits’ main disadvantage is their price as they are usually quite expensive.
The installer judges the finest place for its setup and must also accurately size each indoor unit. Located oversize or wrongly air handlers frequently lead to short-cycling, which doesn’t supply suitable temperature or humidity control and wastes energy. The Too large system is also more costly to purchase and work.

Many people may not enjoy the indoor of the system’s look.

As with everything, occasionally estimates are too good to be true with the most inexpensive ones frequently leading to low quality materials and professional processes not followed. This, in turn, results in discontent and expensive issues later on.

We trust this advice can help you comprehend the variables that influence setup estimates.

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Benefits of a patios and outdoor areas

For those who are not aware, a patio is a particular outdoors space that is reserved for recreation or resting and is joined to the primary residence. The patio is a paved section outside the home and is nowadays an important aspect of the contemporary home design. The patio has evolved over the years to become an excellent investment for most homeowners today, and the benefits of such an addition for the home are endless.


An excellent place to unwind

While it may be regarded as a relatively old metaphor, our houses are a good demonstration of how we tend to lead our lives. It is the place where we go to unwind and cut loose especially after a long hard day at work. The main benefit of having the patio is that it’s an excellent location for unwinding and it allows one to enjoy the fresh air and warmth that typically comes from the rain and the ambience of the sun as well. In some sense, the patio is perhaps one of the best locations of the home due to its convenient location and the excellent view that it provides of the property.

It’s an all season outdoor location

There is no denying it, but the weather can sometimes be truly unpredictable, thereby restricting our movements to the realms of the indoors world. However, with a well-designed patio, you are sure that you can go outside and enjoy some time unwinding since its normally designed to mitigate the effects of weather such as snow, rain, and sunlight. To be specific, the patio is often constructed under a particular shelter that is strategically positioned to ensure that the homeowners never suffer from the effects of harsh weather.

Enhances the value of the home



Another notable benefit of the patio is that it improves the overall value of the home. In other words, the patio not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the home, but it also improves its market value as well. By the same token, a home that has a well-designed patio is likely to attract a higher market value than a property that does not have the same. This particular section of the property also makes for an excellent area for entertainment activities. Simply put, you can be able to host your guests at the location and even host events in the location for your unique needs.


If you are planning to install a patio in your property, it’s important that you make a conscious choice such that you can achieve the ideal value for your time and money. Here are some of the notable tips worth considering:

  • Make an informed decision
  • Consult professional home developers
  • Ask for advice from homeowners
  • Go for original patio designs

Given all these points, the patio is an important aspect of the home since it provides us with many benefits and it also improves the overall value of the home. For this reason, it’s important that you as the homeowner take the time to ensure that its well constructed to incorporate all of your unique property managements needs.

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Old School is Cool: Why Buy Wooden Toys for Your Kids

Children born in the last decade are born to technology: they have never known the world without home computers, and by the age of two, each of them would likely have watched a video or played a game on a smartphone. Just as physical books are rising again in spite of e-books, however, wooden toys are also making a resurgence — and for a good reason.


Playing with traditional wooden toys is a great way for kids to learn what everyday life was like for people in generations past. Many schools also teach young students about other cultures by letting them play with traditional toys ranging from Japanese kokeshi (wooden dolls) to the cup and ball of native tribes. These tend to be wood, as they are more durable and easily preserved than toys made from cloth, paper, or other natural materials.

Durability and Eco-friendliness

Increased globalisation and ease of transportation have changed our culture in many ways, one of which being that store-bought toys are now made as cheaply as possible. Not only are these toys more prone to breakage, they usually can’t and won’t be repaired. In contrast, wooden toys are more durable and can be passed down to younger siblings or other kids, making them a better investment of your money and more meaningful keepsake for your children. When wooden toys break, they can be easily fixed with glue or other wooden parts. According to woodworkers, wooden toys are also harder to mass produce, so many are still being made by hand. By buying fewer toys that will soon end up in a landfill or incinerator forever, you are doing your part to protect the world in which your children will grow up.

Physical Appeal

We’ve looked at the past and future, but most importantly, wooden toys simply look and feel better. The weight and texture of wood have a tactile appeal that helps promote development in children, which is why experts often recommend wooden toys to children with delayed development. Bare wood can even be gnawed on babies and does not give off toxic gases or shed paint chips. The attractiveness of wooden toys can be appreciated by both kids and parents as well — wooden toys easily double as home decor in any room. According to The Guardian, the simplicity of wooden toys promotes creativity and thinking skills in kids, who easily grow tired of electronic and gimmicky toys.

Although wooden toys are a throwback to simpler times, kids today are no longer limited to basic blocks and dolls. With all the beautiful and complex options to choose from online, it is possible to find wooden toys to suit any age and personality: your kids will thank you for it.

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An Insight into Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is now popular as a residential wood flooring selection and remains a wonderful flooring option. Let us look at either side of bamboo flooring:

A greener alternative to conventional timber flooring

Bamboo is rapidly renewable whereas Oak can take as much as a century to develop.
Nevertheless, there are various views about how green, sustainable, and “friendly” bamboo is.

a-wooden-floor-star-caseDue to its durability, and naturally fantastic appearances, bamboo is growing rather popular as a building material among homeowners. Bamboo is equally as trustworthy as other conventional hardwood materials including Jarrah, Marri and Blackbutt.

Also, bamboo makes an excellent renewable and sustainable resource. As compared to other common trees, which might take decades to grow, bamboo plants hit at adulthood in only 4-8 years.
Thus, it makes an excellent selection for environmentally aware individuals and minimises the negative environmental impacts of greenhouse gases and global warming. Also, 40-45% more oxygen is generated by bamboo than similar-sized hardwood forests.

In Australia, use of bamboo in the flooring industry is an emerging trend and an increasing number of homeowners are installing the bamboo flooring in their houses that are new or replacing the old flooring with the bamboo flooring in their homes that are existing.

The great thing about bamboo flooring is its flexibility to install over various surfaces including radiant heating, wooden subfloor or concrete subfloor. Also, bamboo flooring can be installed by you onto subfloor by using an underlay, using different approaches including Direct stick, Plank on ply, Floating floor technique or using an Acoubond system.

Determined by kind and the state of your subfloor, a budget which you have for your flooring pros and cons and a job that each process of setup offers, you can establish the best procedure of installation of the bamboo flooring onto your subfloor.

DIY renovators frequently choose click lock bamboo flooring because it requires no glue or nails. For the same reason, it’s more economical to have installed than tongue and groove flooring, which must be pasted to the existing floor. Little or no surface preparation is desired, but additional fees will apply if it is.

Bamboo Flooring Installation

Price can change, determined by the adhesive and the quality of flooring material. The kind of underlay you select will be a major cost factor if you choose a click lock system. One thing you will not have to pay for if you pick bamboo is the price of polishing and sanding the floor after setup. Unlike conventional lumber flooring, bamboo flooring comes pre-stained and pre-ended.

Different installation techniques exist like Board On Ply, Floating Floors, Acoubond System…

Most providers will give reductions for big works, thus make sure you ask about it when you get your estimates.

Flooring Installation

Here are several reasons why bamboo can become your selection of flooring:


Its durability: Bamboo flooring is a highly durable flooring selection for any place subjected to considerable use and can stand very well up to the abrasion from kids and pets. It’s tough to withstand the impact of falling things in high traffic areas including the living rooms and halls in addition to in the kitchen.

Environment-friendly: Bamboo flooring is among the most environmentally friendly wood flooring choices because it is made from an incredibly sustainable source. It’s truly a grass that regrows after it picked and is rigorously monitored. Bamboo doesn’t need any substances for its cleaning and care.

Colour ranges: Bamboo flooring can be found in two colours. One is an all-natural blonde colour that reveals the unusual development patterns that fit every decor. The another colour is a rich amber colour, a beautiful darker colour reached by a boiling procedure that carbonises the starches found in the bamboo. It’s so called carbonised bamboo.
Bamboo flooring is one of the hottest flooring choices to appear in the marketplace in the recent years.

Those is widely favoured by many and tremendously appreciate it. Bamboo flooring provides a unique fashion to your house or office with a fantastic look all its own.

Alternative eco friendly wood flooring options

Alternative eco friendly wood flooring options

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home theater and sound system

How to Hire Audio Visual Equipment

Do you want to hire home Audio Visual (AV) equipment?

Many companies offer AV equipment hire services. You should consider many factors when deciding to hire this equipment, particularly when it’s about the disc jockey (DJ) and lighting systems. You should also find out the number of home audio and visual inputs and outputs that you need.

Types of Home AV Equipment That You Should Hire Are:

Microphones and Speakers

get the sono you deserve

Get the sono you deserve

You should find out how many microphones and speakers you need for your house event. That will depend on the number of guests that you plan to host. One way to find best speakers is to find reputable audio visual hire companies.

They will advise you on the best sound systems that suit your needs. They also have technical knowledge about speakers and lighting control. That helps you avoid coming into conflicts with your neighbours about loud noise.


Projectors enable you to show large images of videos at your home event. Many AV system companies have a wide variety of projectors that suit your budget and needs. They include desktop Liquid Crystal Display LCD, Digital Light Processing DLP, and High Definition HD projectors.

You should ask for a professional from these hire companies to assist you in installing these projectors. That will avoid scenarios such as your projectors failing to function when you are in the middle of your event.

Lighting Systems

You should look for companies that offer quality lighting systems. That’s because most home parties are held at night when people are free from daily routines.

Quality lighting enables you to stage an event where guest can enjoy taking photos.

These companies should also offer backup plans in the case of power blackouts. That ensures that your event goes on smoothly.

What to Look For When Hiring Audio Visual Equipment

• You should ask about the hiring charges of this equipment. That’s because some companies charge you on an hourly basis while others base their fees on days. You should also ask about written contracts as some of this equipment cost a lot of money to purchase. That’s because of their many components.

• You should also ask for a professional to help you in the installation of AV equipment. That’s because these systems have many parts. That can make you spend a lot of time installing them.

• Another point to consider is your number of guests, DJs and the space that you are setting your event. That helps in planning your budget.

Many guests will need many speakers to keep them entertained. Depending on the number of DJs, you may find that you need several microphones to keep your event coordinated.

• You should also be present during the installation of this AV equipment. That helps you to avoid last minute changes due to setup locations that may not impress you. That’s in the case of speakers and projector locations.

• You should test your home audio visual equipment after the installations. For example, you should check if the microphones are working, try some slides on the projectors and also if the lighting system covers all areas that need lighting.


AV hire Perth enable you to spend more time on other pressing needs. These companies also employ professional technicians who are knowledgeable about AV equipment.

Using the above guide, you should contact these companies if you have an upcoming home event.

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The Many Benefits of Latex Pillows

While many people are still not fully aware of the benefits of using latex over the conventional pillow designs, they are here to stay and are increasingly becoming mainstays in the consumer market. It’s important to know that there are three types of latex materials including blended, synthetic and natural material as well.

To be specific, natural latex can be obtained from the sap of rubber trees, while synthetic latex is made using unique artificial compounds and blended is a combination of both synthetic and natural latex material.


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of latex pillows is that they are extremely comfortable. Since latex is a dense material, its superior design guarantees much more comfort, especially when compared to cotton. The elastic capabilities of latex material allow it to flex all throughout the night such that you can achieve the ideal sleep quality levels.


Hypnos Latex Pillow

Hypnos Latex Pillow

Latex pillows provide the ideal combination of support and comfort when working. Although latex is firm enough for extended functionality, it’s not so firm such that it disrupts your overall sleep quality levels. In fact, the latex pillows can be fluffed or customized to suit one`s unique resting needs. Whether you are resting on your back or perhaps on your sides, latex material will provide you with optimal comfort for a peaceful night sleep.

Allergen free

Besides that, another noteworthy component of latex pillows it that they offer antimicrobial and mildew proof capabilities as well.

Latex pillows will not accommodate the development of dust mite or perhaps any other allergens or pest that can hamper one`s sleep quality. By the same token, people who are allergic to chemical smells will appreciate the latex material is mostly odour free.


Whereas cotton pillows and mattresses are often cheaper that latex based material, the latter material is known to provide extended functionality and without any compromise on the user`s comfort levels.

To be specific, all types of latex are durable than cotton and can, therefore, guarantee several years of unhindered sleep. Unlike the conventional bedding materials, latex pillows and mattresses are known to hold their shape for years thereby making them the ideal choice for users today.

Easy maintenance

Since latex material is mostly sterile, caring for it is relatively simple. In fact, latex materials don’t need to be cleaned as often as the conventional pillow products that are available on the market. There are different types of pillow materials and mattresses that are available out there on the consumer market today. Latex is becoming a prevalent solution in the consumer market due its simple to maintain nature and construction as well.


Given all these points, when it comes selecting the ideal regime for your unique resting needs, it’s important that you only choose the appropriate equipment to guarantee the perfect rest levels at all times. For this reason, an excellent recommendation would be to try out latex pillows that provide users with a broad spectrum of benefits for their unique resting needs.

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great use of colours and space

Appealing Kitchen Design Ideas

If you want to add some new design elements to your kitchen, you’ve got lots of choices. The kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home since this is where your family or friends will gather to share meals and talk about the days’ events.
So, you’ll want this area to be inviting and warm, while still displaying your design sense and aesthetic preferences. Here are a few ways you can make sure that your kitchen is one of the most stylish rooms in your home.

Black and White Color Scheme

Black and white is a timeless colour combination that is chic and always trendy. You can add black tile designs in geometric shapes to a white wall or create an original backsplash. The classic black and white tile floor gives the kitchen a vintage diner feel, and you can select black or stainless steel appliances to finish the look.

Of course, stainless steel appliances look great in a black and white kitchen as well. Or, you can add a pop of colour with the appliances to make the kitchen decor more interesting. Hues like cherry red and cobalt blue go well with a black and white colour scheme.

Kitchen Blues

Blue is a calming colour that promotes balance and trustworthiness. You want your friends and loved ones to feel comfortable in the kitchen, which makes blue an excellent colour choice.

If you’re going for a farm chic look, robin’s egg blue is great for the cabinets or countertops. Medium shades of blue are ideal for panelling or the backsplash if you want a more modern decor scheme, and bright blue shades look great in window treatments.

a modern kitchen design

Keep It Neutral

If you’re not a big fan of bright colours and want to give your kitchen a Tuscan or romantic feel, neutral colours are best. These hues will always be trendy, and shades of brown and tan make the kitchen appear larger and more inviting. You can add pops of colour with a bouquet of fresh flowers or a portrait.

Appliances made from bronze or stainless steel fit right in with this decorative theme as well. When your kitchen features neutral shades, it’s easy to add new accessories to the kitchen to change up the look and feel of the room.

These are just a few of the ideas you can incorporate into your kitchen design. Personal elements like wall hangings of your family’s initials or pottery that you make yourself can also make your kitchen the welcoming heart of the home you want it to be.

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6 Tips for the Perfect Basement Remodel

6 Tips for the Perfect Basement Remodel

Finishing your basement is a great idea, it gives your family more living space and adds value to your home.  Win-win…right.  The whole process of a basement remodel is not exactly fun, especially if you’re not prepared.

Here are 6 tips to make sure your basement renovation goes off without a hitch.

Get the Permits

Before you start any construction project in your home you need to know what if any permits you’re going to need.  Some municipalities require different permits for different stages in the construction.  There are likely to be building codes you will have to abide by and knowing this stuff upfront will save you a ton of hassle and money.

Check for Moisture First

Basements are notorious for leaks and damp.  It’s common to have condensation, leaks and floods in basements, so before you begin check and make sure this isn’t going to be a problem.  The last thing you want is to have to rip out the renovation because of mold.  A cheap and easy way to test to see if your basement is damp is to tape plastic sheeting to the floors and walls.  Come back in two weeks and see if there is any condensation.  If there is some under the plastic, then you need to seal your foundation.  If you have moisture on top of the sheeting then you need to get a dehumidifier.  Here is a video from home improvement expert Bob Vila on how to waterproof your basement.

Inspect & Repair any Problems

You will want to check the floor joists before you start and make sure they aren’t sagging.  Insect damage can be another problem that will come back to haunt you if you don’t deal with it now.  Check any windows and casings to make sure there aren’t any infestations, get pest control into deal with them if you find any.  Get your furnace or boiler inspection to make sure carbon monoxide is not a problem for you.

Break Up the Space

If you’re completely remodeling the basement consider adding different rooms.  You can add a bedroom or an office depending on your needs.  You can still have the man cave but putting an extra bathroom down there would add value and make it easier to enjoy the space.

Fix the Stairs

If your basement has been left unused then chances are you have a pretty rickety old staircase.  It probably needs an upgrade too, and if you have children who will be traveling the stairs you want them safe.  Make sure the staircase is in a safe and convenient location and like the rest of the project make sure it is up to code.

Get the Right Flooring

Most basements have just a concrete floor which allows you to choose from several flooring options.  Despite that fact there are some flooring materials that you should probably stay away from and hardwood is one of them.  Even finished basement still have some bit of damp and the floors can be cold, solid wood flooring can warp or you will end up with gaps.  Think of how you will be using the room and of course the budget before buying your floor.

Taking the right steps ahead of time can ensure your basement remodel goes smoothly and you have a space your family can enjoy for years.


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Home Improvements and the Budget

The Balance Between Home Improvements and the Budget

Doing renovations whether it is on your own home or an investment property is a costly undertaking.  Not every homeowner has an unlimited budget to fix everything they want all at once.  Consider your options and decide what the priority is going to be.

Take some time and evaluate the property objectively, make a list of what repairs are needed.  Now you need to triage that list to decide where you will spend most of your home improvement budget.  Look at anything structural along with the roof, plumbing and electricity.  Those need to be dealt with first, all other things you do to the property are largely cosmetic.

Where to Put Your Renovation Dollars

In most cases the bathroom or the kitchen are the best place to put your money, they offer the most return for the investment.  If this is a property you’re going to sell any realtor will tell you “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses”.  They don’t necessarily require the most work, have a look around and see what you can salvage and what will need to be replaced.  You may not have to rip out all the cupboards when a new countertop will suffice. Find more on bathroomrenovatorsinsydney.com.au

Now have a look at the rest of your house to see which other areas need an upgrade, or would impress a potential buyer.  Fresh paint is a quick and dirty way to improve the look of your home and if your budget doesn’t have room for a professional painting contractor then it’s a fairly easy project to do it yourself.  Remember first impressions count for a lot when it comes to real estate.

Curb Appeal

Clean up your landscaping, you don’t have to break the bank doing it but you do need to make sure it looks good.  If you don’t have the time or the know how to take care of it yourself then work with a  landscape company to clean up the front yard.  Don’t forget the backyard either, buyers will look there too.  One of the best renovations you can do, and it’s really simple…get a new door.  Doors have a 98% return on your investment, and it is far cheaper than gutting your kitchen.


Everybody loves hardwood floors, but not everybody loves the price.  Laminate has gotten much better over the years and now you can get high quality laminate that looks exactly like high end hardwood.  If you have your heart set on hardwood, do you need it in every room?  Select where you will use it carefully and stretch your flooring dollars.  Bear in mind that kitchens and bathrooms need tile or linoleum, because of the potential for water damage.

Home Improvements and the Budget

The only hard and fast rule of renovating is stick to the budget!  Knowing the best places to spend your money is the easiest way to make that happen.  Pick the areas that need the biggest portions of your budget.  Save as much as you can on the areas that won’t affect the property value or affect you enjoying your home.

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